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Back in 1996, Rabbi Finman was asked to speak to the niece of one of his students. After spending many hours answering her questions, the woman gave Rabbi Finman her e-mail address. Rabbi Finman wrote the woman a note and included in it a short insight into that week's Parsha and a short Chasidic story.

Realizing that this was something no one was yet doing,, Rabbi Finman sent the missive to his mailing list of about 30 people. Requests from recipients friends came pouring in. The next week Rabbi Finman sent the e-Parsha to 100 people. Within a year more than 2000 people were receiving it. Today, more than 14,000 receive the e-Parsha weekly and the requests keep coming in.

Tzav-Pesach 5777
Vayikra 5777
Vayakhel/Pekudei 5777
Ki Sissa 5777
Titsaveh-Purim 5777

Vayakhel/Pekudei 5777

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In memory of Bennie Magy - Bentziyon ben Avraham v Elke Magy, who passed away Menachem Av 22, 5749 - August 23, 1989 and Rose Magy - Rivka Rayzel Bat Chayim Yaakov v'Chaya Tertza Arbit, who passed away Tamuz 2, 5765 - July 9, 2005. May their souls experience a lichtiger Gan Eden - an illuminated Garden of Eden and may their family only experience Simchas from now on. Sponsored by their son Paul Magy - Birmingham, Michigan.


Don't forget the YouParsha for Vayakhel/Pekudei http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl8gK7Hy3t4 The congregation Vs the individual


This week we conclude the book of Exodus with the Double Parsha of Vayakhel/Pikudei, Exodus 35 to the end. This portion details all the things donated to the sanctuary and its erection. The sanctuary was an engineering disaster. It was physically impossible for it to stand by itself. It is related that everything was fashioned as G-d commanded. When the Jewish people presented the components to Moshe, they could not put it together.

The boards that comprised the walls were 18" by 18" by 18'. They were made of one of the densest woods and probably weighed about one ton apiece. They were supported by silver sockets that were 18 inches cubed and three wooden crossbeams. Moshe was told by Hashem, "Put your hand on the boards." The beams stood up and assembled themselves.

We see a similar occurrence in other aspects of the sanctuary. The Holy Ark was a wooden box, overlaid and inlaid with gold. On the outside were welded four golden rings. Into the rings were inserted two poles 36 feet long. This box was carried wherever the Jews went. One problem, the tablets inside the ark were solid sapphire. They measured five feet by two and a half feet by two and a half feet. Not knowing the specific density of sapphire, they probably weighed several tons. It was impossible for the ark to contain them.

The menorah was a solid piece of gold weighing approximately 200 pounds. Two Levites carried the menorah through the desert, each with one hand only.

How was it possible for such occurrences? Hashem carried and supported them. A parable is related courtesy of AA. A man was crossing the desert. He beseeched the Almighty, "Walk with me." The man would look around and see only his own footprints. He beseeched Hashem again, "Walk with me." Again, no sign of footprints. This occurred several times. When the man crossed the desert he complained, "Hashem, did I not ask you to walk with me? Yet, every time I looked around, I saw only one set of foot prints in the sand!" He heard a voice ringing from heaven, "Those were mine, I carried you."

The ark and the menorah did not float in the air. They were carried. The sanctuary did not erect itself. People did. We are in the same position. We think that we are successful because of our own powers. It is not true. We merely supply the action for the Almighty to give us his blessing.


Reb Dovid of Dinov lived about 120 years ago. He learned that the local non Jews were planning to annihilate the Jewish community on the second night of Passover. That Purim, the Rebbe was celebrating Purim joyously with his Chassidim. After hours of singing and dancing, he asked his Chassidim, "Who wants do destroy Amalek, who wants to wipe out evil?" At this point, every Chasid was ready to walk into heaven and then some. He had everybody harness the horses to the wagons and everybody piled in. They drove for a while, stopped in front of a kretchmer (an inn) and all piled out. Inside, the local Christians were drinking heavily, cursing the Jews and planning the pogrom. Following the Rebbe's lead, they all danced and sang their way into the kretchmer. Every Chasid grabbed a startled Christian and began dancing madly. The place was hopping as Jew and Christian were dancing and singing in a deep Purim spirit. Suddenly the Dinover stopped the music and dancing and turned to the leader of the pack and said, "I heard that you hate the Jews and that you are planning to harm us." The startled peasant leader says, "Rebbe, no, no, not me. Maybe somebody else, but not me. I would never hate the Jews." One by one, each Christian stated the same sentiments. Needless to say, there was no pogrom that year.


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