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Back in 1996, Rabbi Finman was asked to speak to the niece of one of his students. After spending many hours answering her questions, the woman gave Rabbi Finman her e-mail address. Rabbi Finman wrote the woman a note and included in it a short insight into that week's Parsha and a short Chasidic story.

Realizing that this was something no one was yet doing,, Rabbi Finman sent the missive to his mailing list of about 30 people. Requests from recipients friends came pouring in. The next week Rabbi Finman sent the e-Parsha to 100 people. Within a year more than 2000 people were receiving it. Today, more than 14,000 receive the e-Parsha weekly and the requests keep coming in.

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Behalosicha 5777

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In memory of Bennie Magy - Bentziyon ben Avraham v Elke Magy, who passed away Menachem Av 22, 5749 - August 23, 1989 and Rose Magy - Rivka Rayzel Bat Chayim Yaakov v'Chaya Tertza Arbit, who passed away Tamuz 2, 5765 - July 9, 2005. May their souls experience a lichtiger Gan Eden - an illuminated Garden of Eden and may their family only experience Simchas from now on. Sponsored by their son Paul Magy - Birmingham, Michigan.


Don't forget the YouParsha for Behalosicha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_4fxMhDNHU Complaining about the Manna


There is a verse in Parshas Behalosicha - Numbers 8 - 11, that describes Moshe as the humblest of all people. Interestingly, King Solomon is referred to as the wisest of men. In actuality, Moshe was smarter than Shlomo. Shlomo stated that he could not understand the prohibition of wearing wool and linen together and the procedure of the purification process of coming in contact with a dead body. Moshe understood wool and linen but not the purification process with the red cow. Why is Moshe called humble and Shlomo wise?

Learning Torah connects a person with the will and wisdom of Hashem. A truly wise person is one who can dispatch unnecessary trappings and focus on the essential point of the concept. They can then apply that point to other related concepts. The Rebbe would very often explain several arguments of two Talmudists by focusing on the essential rationale of each of the discussants. The epitome of such a sage would find that one quintessential point common in every aspect of the Torah, being totally focused and in-tune with quintessential G'dliness.

Wisdom is described in Chasidus as a germinating point. It is simple, dimensionless and void of facets. Understanding is developed from this point. Understanding has dimensions and component parts. When a person focuses on wisdom's point - they lose their own complexities and take on the characteristics of wisdom - simple dimensionless and void of facets. The result would be selflessness and humility.

Moshe and Shlomo were in that modality. Shlomo was a king. A king may not forgo his honor. Halachically, he could not have shown such humility. Shlomo did have people killed. Moshe is titled Our Teacher. A teacher is a role model and living example. His position was to show the Jewish people that the Torah is not to build oneself into an important person, but to lose oneself. The more one loses oneself - the more important they become.


The Jewish people were considered as new converts at the giving of the Torah. It was a new beginning for them. The following story was related by Rabbi Moshe Feller - senior Shliach in Minnnesota.

About nine years ago, Rabbi Feller was involved in guiding a young woman through her conversion process. After a long period of intensive study and preparation, the big day finally arrived. Upon seeing her dear mentor for the first time after her immersion in the mikveh, she exulted loudly, in uncontrollable joy, "Rabbi Feller, I'm Jewish!"

Deeply moved, Rabbi Feller wondered why in his sixty-five plus years in this world he'd never exulted in his Jewishness quite like this most recent member of the Jewish people.


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