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Back in 1996, Rabbi Finman was asked to speak to the niece of one of his students. After spending many hours answering her questions, the woman gave Rabbi Finman her e-mail address. Rabbi Finman wrote the woman a note and included in it a short insight into that week's Parsha and a short Chasidic story.

Realizing that this was something no one was yet doing,, Rabbi Finman sent the missive to his mailing list of about 30 people. Requests from recipients friends came pouring in. The next week Rabbi Finman sent the e-Parsha to 100 people. Within a year more than 2000 people were receiving it. Today, more than 14,000 receive the e-Parsha weekly and the requests keep coming in.

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Chaya Sora 5779

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In memory of Bennie Magy - Bentziyon ben Avraham v Elke Magy, who passed away Menachem Av 22, 5749 - August 23, 1989 and Rose Magy - Rivka Rayzel Bat Chayim Yaakov v'Chaya Tertza Arbit, who passed away Tamuz 2, 5765 - July 9, 2005. May their souls experience a lichtiger Gan Eden - an illuminated Garden of Eden and may their family only experience Simchas from now on. Sponsored by their son Paul Magy - Birmingham, Michigan.


This week's YouParsha - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beAxuPcyuKo Sara Lived 127 Years


This week is Parsha Chaya Sora, Genesis 23:1 - 25:18. The Parsha begins with the death of Sora and her funeral. She passed away in "Kiryat Arba which is Chevron." Rashi, the classic Bible commentator explains the city is called Kiryat Arba (literally the village of four) because of the four couples buried there: Adam and Chava, Avrohom and Sora, Yitschok and Rifka and Yaakov and Leah. The Zohar explains the name in conjunction with the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) which form the composition of the body.

The Zohar analogizes Sora to the body and Avrohom to the soul. Sora passed away in Chevron (related to the word Chaver - connection) as the body was no longer a connection of the four elements.

The Rebbe combines the two meanings. Each of the couples represents one of the elements. Adam and Chava - earth, as Adam was made from earth. Avrohom and Sora - water, as we say in davening, "Remember Av(rohom) who draws after water. Yitschok and Rifka - fire, as Yitschok was offered as a sacrifice and prepared to be burned (according to Jewish law, anything prepared is considered as though it already happened [feel free to inquire further]) and Yaakov and Leah - air, as the Zohar explains that Yaakov is air.

We have mentioned many times that Sora's level of prophecy was greater than Avrohom's as the verse states (and my wife quotes often), "And Hashem said, 'Listen to your wife.'" Even though the soul is a pristine expression of G'dliness, it is useless in this world without the body. The realization of the purpose of creation of making the physical world holy can only be accomplished while the soul is in the body. When Sora passed away it allowed the creation to make the next step in the purification process. The mantle of leadership and focus now turned to Yitschok to elevate the next part of creation.

The world has been elevated. The Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe said the world is ready. The Rebbe maintained that the only thing preventing Moshiach's coming was an unawareness that we all desire Mosiach's arrival. Let us merit it soon.


Before the bris of his first son, Rabbi Yehoshua Dubrawski went to the Rebbe to request both a blessing for the ceremony and a name to give the baby. They were in a quandary whether to call him Yosef Yitzchok, after the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, or Eliezer Lippman, after the Reb Yehoshua's father.

The Rebbe answered firmly, "You must not make ‘tricks" This is a matter solely up to you and your wife. Go home and discuss it with her, then come right back and tell me what you decided."

He consulted with his wife and hurried back to the Rebbe. The Rebbe was visibly pleased when he told the Rebbe they were going to name the baby Yosef Yitzchok. The Rebbe gave his blessings, but requested that he not be honored with holding the baby at the circumcision ceremony. The Rebbe then suggested putting a picture of the Rebbe [meaning the Previous Rebbe] at the ceremony. It would be just as if the Rebbe participated.


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