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Back in 1996, Rabbi Finman was asked to speak to the niece of one of his students. After spending many hours answering her questions, the woman gave Rabbi Finman her e-mail address. Rabbi Finman wrote the woman a note and included in it a short insight into that week's Parsha and a short Chasidic story.

Realizing that this was something no one was yet doing,, Rabbi Finman sent the missive to his mailing list of about 30 people. Requests from recipients friends came pouring in. The next week Rabbi Finman sent the e-Parsha to 100 people. Within a year more than 2000 people were receiving it. Today, more than 14,000 receive the e-Parsha weekly and the requests keep coming in.

Yom Kippur-Haazinu-Succos 5779
Vayelech 5779
Nitzavim 5778
Ki Savo 5778
Ki Teitsei 5778

Nitzavim 5778

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In memory of Bennie Magy - Bentziyon ben Avraham v Elke Magy, who passed away Menachem Av 22, 5749 - August 23, 1989 and Rose Magy - Rivka Rayzel Bat Chayim Yaakov v'Chaya Tertza Arbit, who passed away Tamuz 2, 5765 - July 9, 2005. May their souls experience a lichtiger Gan Eden - an illuminated Garden of Eden and may their family only experience Simchas from now on. Sponsored by their son Paul Magy - Birmingham, Michigan.


This week's YouParsha Netzavim http://youtu.be/woKvLgf1t5w Choice.


Parsha Nitzavim - Deuteronomy 29:9 - 30:20 - is always read the Shabbos before Rosh Hashana. One of the indications is the verse, "Return to G'd and listen to His voice." There is a discussion among halachic authorities if there is a mitzvah to do Teshuva - return to G'd. One opinion maintains that the verse is written in the imperative tense and there is a positive mitzvah to do teshuvah. The other opinion maintains that there are 248 positive commandments and 365 transgressions corresponding to the 613 parts of the body. A person keeps their body healthy through strict guidelines. A cure is recommended if something goes wrong in any of the body parts. Teshuvah is the spiritual cure for those who have messed up.

Chasidus maintains that teshuva cannot be commanded as teshuvah is rooted in the very essence of the soul - far beyond an external command. This essential soul expression connects with the very essence of Hashem. This explains how teshuvah works. A person who violates a command causes a defect in their connection to Hashem. Teshuva, rooted in essence and far surpassing the external relationship between commander and commanded, is able to fill in and correct all the defects.

When the Jew opens themselves to this connection then we can realize the next verse, "Hashem will return your captives," from all over the world with Moshiach, now.


Shmuel Gurary, a chosid of the Rebbe Rashab, was once travelling by train with a group of Chassidim who were followers of other Rebbes. Each Chosid lauded the praises and told of the wondrous miracles their Rebbes had wrought.

They finally turned to Shmuel and asked him to tell of a wonder the Reshab had done. He explained that he was once offered an opportunity that promised to make him fabulously wealthy. He asked the Rebbe's advice and was instructed to invest heavily. "Yes, yes?!" quizzed the listeners. "I lost my pants," came the answer. "If so," queried his companions, "Where is the wonder." "The wonder," answered Reb Schmuel, "Is that I am still a disciple of the Reshab."


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