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Back in 1996, Rabbi Finman was asked to speak to the niece of one of his students. After spending many hours answering her questions, the woman gave Rabbi Finman her e-mail address. Rabbi Finman wrote the woman a note and included in it a short insight into that week's Parsha and a short Chasidic story.

Realizing that this was something no one was yet doing,, Rabbi Finman sent the missive to his mailing list of about 30 people. Requests from recipients friends came pouring in. The next week Rabbi Finman sent the e-Parsha to 100 people. Within a year more than 2000 people were receiving it. Today, more than 14,000 receive the e-Parsha weekly and the requests keep coming in.

Vaexchanon 5779
Dvorim 5779
Matos-Massai 5779
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Vaexchanon 5779

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In memory of Bennie Magy - Bentziyon ben Avraham v Elke Magy, who passed away Menachem Av 22, 5749 - August 23, 1989 and Rose Magy - Rivka Rayzel Bat Chayim Yaakov v'Chaya Tertza Arbit, who passed away Tamuz 2, 5765 - July 9, 2005. May their souls experience a lichtiger Gan Eden - an illuminated Garden of Eden and may their family only experience Simchas from now on. Sponsored by their son Paul Magy - Birmingham, Michigan.


Don't forget the YouParsha for Vaeschanon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okzPMXEqqSY. You Should Know This Day


This week's Parsha of Vaeschanon Deuteronomy 3:23 - 7:11. The first paragraph of the Shma - Hear, Israel, the G'd our Lord, G'd is one. Moshe commanded the people entering Israel to say the Shma twice daily. The Jews in the desert did not say Shma.

Shma is not only a declaration that there is one G'd. It is rather an extension of the verse, "You shall know this day and put it in your heart that in the heavens above and the earth below, 'there is no other.'" (See this week's YouParsha) This declaration of "there is no other" implies that there is nothing aside from Hashem. We can give a simple explanation according to modern scientific theory. Everything is made of atoms. Atoms are made of sub-atomic particles; protons, electrons, neutrons, etc. Sub-atomic particles are made of quarks. Quarks are made of strings of energy. Energy, for lack of a better term - is G'd. It would be correct to look at someone's brand new dining room table, "That is an impressive manifestation of energy."

The Shma is to remind us that Hashem's presence permeates every aspect of our existence. The Jews in the desert did not need to be reminded. They lived with G'dliness; water from a traveling rock, manna from heaven, clouds of glory, Torah from Moshe. Once the Jews crossed the Jordan, that all disappeared. People would now be forced to work for their sustenance. It would now become very possible to think that by the sweat of their own brows were they successful. Moshe said, "Hear Israel, G'd our lord, G'd is one." Even while stuck in traffic on the way to work, a person must be conscience of Hashem's presence in every aspect of our lives.


Although raised in a secular home, Sarah had been a Lubavitcher for many years. In the summer of 1985, she was planning to visit Israel to organize Shabbatons for Americans living there. Before leaving, she wrote to ask the Rebbe for a blessing for success in her outreach activities and also in finding a shidduch. The Rebbe answered with a blessing and gave her two bills to give to charity. Without examining the bills, she folded them and put them in her purse.

On her way to Israel, Sarah stopped off in London to visit relatives. There she unfolded the bills the Rebbe had given her. The top bill was an Israeli ten shekel note, but the second was an English pound. Sarah had not told the Rebbe anything about a trip to England. And indeed, the stopover proved providential, for it was there that she was introduced to her future husband.


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